The one day plan is on the Home Stage website (scroll down!)

No Better Than She Should Be Red and Salad Spinner are on the Emma Press YouTube channel.

Night Heart and Kitchen Spider are on the And Other Poems website.

‘My name is Legion: for we are many’ won the Poetry Society Hamish Canham competition 2017.

This is a poem that contains much darkness and despair – and particularly distilled into that almost too-much-to-bear final line – and seems to come from a very personal and specific experience. And yet it speaks across many interpretations, conjuring the sheer power of the emotions involved without betraying or compromising either of its settings: it is both a description and extrapolation or a biblical parable, and firmly set in, and relevant to, the modern world. We all agreed it was very deftly and viscerally done, and we’re delighted to be awarding Ramona the Hamish Canham Prize this year.
(Sophie Baker, Poetry Society)

‘It won’t be a normal year’ is on the Poetry Archive YouTube channel.

Marilyn is on the Poetry Non-Stop podcast website.

Wake up: time to die‘ is on the Rogue Strands blog.

Ship in a bottle has been made into a dance film by Erin Vasta and is also in One For The Road from Smith Doorstop and the Templar Press Mill anthology.

Shave is on the Ink, Sweat & Tears website and was previously published in The North magazine. It is also in Mildly Erotic Verse, from the Emma Press.

The growing cycle of the plastic daffodil is on George Szirtes’ blog.

I chose this one because the subjects – memory, death, love, intimacy, falsehood – as embodied in the central image of the plastic daffodil, are presented with tenderness but also with an inbuilt irony that offer us a genuine understanding of a genuine human experience. The poem seeks the right level and feels truthful as a result. [. . .] I love the spirit of the poem. It has a humane generosity that is not sold cheap. It is the real daffodil.
(George Szirtes)

‘We regret the delay to your journey’ is on the Bank Street Arts Postcard Poems website.

Also several poems on the Birkbeck University Writers’ Hub website.

Hot winds is available as a card from the Greenhouse, Bethel Street, Norwich.

Hot winds card